Reefer Madness

The hippies have grown up. Not only are they putting in a hard day at the office before they light up a joint, now they are advertising the fact.
Last week, Underground Advertising, San Francisco, launched a print and outdoor campaign to push mainstream marijuana smokers out in the open. Once recreational users exit the closet, the hope is they will support the languishing movement to make marijuana legal.
The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) hired the shop to create ads for bus shelters and progressive magazine Mother Jones. “Honk if you inhale,” says one. “A pot smoker is busted every 45 seconds. And you wonder why we’re paranoid,” says another. Copy asserts, “Stop arresting responsible pot smokers.”
Initially, billboard companies balked at the pro-drug message until pressed about other controversial messages they accept. If the test goes well, look for the campaign to sprout in other major cities. And try to stay mellow. –Joan Voight