Reebok “Speedwick Dryer”

If it’s good enough for the Nova Scotia Sports Hall of Fame, it’s good enough for a commercial — in this case, a spot (via Gotham, New York) for the Speedwick brand of training apparel from Reebok Sports Licensing Division. I’m referring, of course, to the dryer in the basement of hockey star Sidney Crosby’s childhood home, where he spent many youthful hours practicing his shot on goal. Pucks that didn’t go into a net set up in the basement often dented the adjacent dryer, setting it up for hockey-legend status and (says a press release from the agency) a place in the Nova Scotia Sports Hall of Fame. (Kind of makes you wonder what else they’ve got there, eh?) A recent article in USA Today had Crosby rebutting the notion that he was using the dryer as a goal and trying to shoot pucks into it. But that’s the motif of this spot, in which Crosby and Pittsburgh Penguins teammate Maxime Talbot engage in a friendly competition to see who can score the most dryer goals. While doing so, they’re wearing Speedwick T-shirts, giving the merchandise plenty of prime screen time. Airing on National Hockey League game telecasts, the amiable vignette will please viewers who enjoy getting a glimpse of pro players in their off-the-ice leisure time. There’s no pretense that wearing Speedwick attire will help you become an NHL player, but the spot does let the target audience know they could enjoy horsing around in the same sort of shirt that Crosby horses around in. And they could probably do it without damaging any household appliances. –Mark Dolliver