Reebok “Migration”

Like other species, pro football players have their own migratory patterns. Summer is when they migrate from their off-season haunts and come to training camp. This spot for Reebok T-shirts (via agency mcgarrybowen) shows them doing just that – abandoning their swimming pools, fishing trips, lawn mowing and so on. Hardcore NFL fans will feel a similar pull, though they wouldn’t look quite as good walking through deserts, across bridges and along train tracks to get to their own couch-potato training camps. One group of players is seen moving in an unbalanced V shape, like a flock of geese. (We’ll see if they use that formation in a game this year.) The surprise is that the spot’s music track eschews the sort of noisy heroes-of-the-gridiron clatter one associates with football and instead offers a wistful woman’s voice singing about seeing someone again after a long absence. I’m not sure how the target audience will react to this. Some will feel the spot is asking them to get in touch with their sensitive (not to say feminine) side, which isn’t really what football is for. But others will appreciate that Reebok dared to do something unexpected – like one of those oddball plays in which a running back ends up throwing a pass. And the contrast between soundtrack and visuals actually ends up emphasizing the manliness of these muscular guys as they return to their men-only profession. –Mark Dolliver