The Reds get a 10th Man

A 3-D ballplayer made of Styrofoam juts out of a 15-foot billboard for Jeff Wyler automotive in left field of Cinergy Field, the Cincinnati Reds’ home park. Created by Freedman, Gibson and White, the sign for the auto dealership joins four other billboards inside the ballpark.

Jeff Wyler, which signed a two-year lease for the space, was looking for a unique sign that would stand out and go beyond just having a company’s logo on display.

“Wyler wanted something unique before they tear down the ballpark, and invested a lot in the sign,” said Rick Carter, FGW’s senior art director.

The billboard’s cost was not disclosed, but Jeff Wyler spent $9 million in media expenditures last year and about $3 million through March, according to CMR.

A new stadium is scheduled to be built in two years.