Redneck Put-On Is A Come-On

Coffee Underground in Greenville, S.C., attempts to attract customers by poking fun at people who presumably would not be caught dead there.
A humorous mock-protest poster from West & Vaughan in Durham, N.C., calls for “rednecks” to boycott the coffee bar and avant garde cinema.
Copy warns of CU’s threat to sacred redneck objects like Moon Pies and “shellacked bass trophies.” “Armed with six packs and Slim Jims, we shall overcome,” the copy promises.
According to W&V, the poster aims to convey the client’s South-but-not-Old-South tone.
Although the concept resembles Heineken USA’s “boycott” ads for its Amstel beers (from New York’s Wells BDDP), W&V creative director Robert Shaw West said the agency’s idea was born some 18 months ago.
West is not worried the effort will offend anyone, since “even rednecks don’t think they’re rednecks.”
–Katy Eckmann