Red Unveils Latest Phase of Bingham Dana Work

boston—Red Advertising has launched a new phase of an international campaign for Bingham Dana. Unlike previous image-oriented ads, the latest executions highlightspecific services the law firm has to offer.

One ad shows three business- men who appear to have just downed sour-tasting drinks. The headline reads, “Financial restructuring, without the bitter aftertaste.” The copy continues, “Financial restructuring can be hard to swallow for everyone involved … Bingham Dana has the legal knowledge and experience to resolve these troubled investments worldwide and ensure that important business relationships don’t sour.”

In another advertisement, a businessman is sitting on the ground, surrounded by pieces of a puzzle. The headline reads, “Complex deals: many pieces, assembly required.”

Bingham Dana has sought to “bridge the gap between public perception of the law firm and the dynamic and innovative company that Bingham Dana is to day,” said Mars Child, director of marketing and business development at the Boston-based firm.

The work is an extension of a print campaign launched last year that targets the legal community and businesses in need of legal counsel. Ads continue to carry the line “Legal insight. Business in stinct.” A new round of ads is expected to break this fall.

“The new ads are more focused on spe cific attributes of the firm, like financial restructuring, whereas [last year’s ads] were broader,” said Jennie Smith Wilson, president of Red Ad ver tising, Boston.

Bingham Dana has offices in New York; Washington, D.C.; Hartford, Conn.; London and Singapore. Spending on the campaign was in the low seven figures.

The campaign broke last week in legal and business publications in cluding The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, The Daily Deal, American Banker, American Law yer, the Hartford Courant and The Boston Globe.