Red Stripe Says, ‘Boo!’

NEW YORK Red Stripe beer will launch a campaign this week that continues its “Hooray Beer!” tag but adds a new twist. The Red Stripe Ambassador, the brand’s Jamaican spokesman, says “Boo!” to call out unpleasant social situations that can be resolved with Red Stripe.

In one spot, a man returns a borrowed sweater to his friend, but the borrower’s oversized head has stretched out the sweater so that it is now unwearable. The Red Stripe Ambassador walks in with a new sweater and a bottle of Red Stripe and says, “Boo, large-headed friend. Hooray Beer!”

In another spot, which doubles as a “drink responsibly” message, a body builder has paid too much attention to his upper torso but has neglected his lower body, leaving him with a massive chest and arms but skinny legs. The Red Stripe Ambassador offers, “Boo, too much of a good thing. Hooray moderation!”

Five 15-second spots, via BBDO in New York, will run nationally. Online and outdoor will support. Spending for the campaign was not disclosed. Red Stripe, part of Diageo-Guinness USA’s portfolio, spent $3.5 million in measured media in 2005, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.

“We believe that Red Stripe is always enjoyable and consistently delivers the same great experience,” Daryl Benton, vp of beer at Diageo, Norwalk, Conn., said in a statement. “Through our new ad campaign, we praise this consistency in a very entertaining and humorous manner that consumers are sure to enjoy. Like the new ads, the genuine quality of Red Stripe is something that is never contrived or hyped up, just 100 percent real, authentic Jamaican beer.”

—Brandweek staff report