Red Rubber Thong

Underwear on a line and a cross-dressing PentaMark skier? Must be the Red Rubber Ball photo contest.

Detroit’s The Big Idea magazine recently sent 500 ad people in the area a deflated red rubber ball and a 15-shot disposable camera. They were told to take snapshots of anything they liked—a dangerous idea—and include the ball somewhere in the frame. Then they had to send the film back undeveloped, giving them no chance to trash, retouch or even see any of the prints beforehand.

The 20 finalists were masterful—a kid eating the ball, a dead raccoon holding it, guys with pretend colostomies and stab wounds. The Gold winner, from Campbell-Ewald’s Robin Todd, was the under wear pic, with one pair made out of the ball. The People’s Choice went to PentaMark’s Kim Harris, who had husband and fellow PentaMarker Tony mug on the Utah slopes in a blonde wig and risqué red rubber bikini top.

“People were whistling and hooting and hollering,” says Harris. “I thought it would be cool to have a sexy blonde in a bikini out skiing. And I don’t know any other sexy blondes.”

Todd was away last week and couldn’t be reached. But we’re not really sure we want to know the underwear story anyway.