‘Red’ Leads M&M’s Color Parade

NEW YORK Masterfoods USA’s M&M’s star in four 15-second animated spots from BBDO that are accompanied by four different versions of Petula Clark’s 1967 song, “Color My World.”

“Red,” which broke on Monday, features an electronic version of the song with a synthesized voice saying, “Color my world,” as red M&M’s bounce along to the beat.

The soundtracks were created by Big Foote Music in New York, which gave BBDO 57 versions of the song before it chose the four used in the spots.

BBDO New York personnel involved in the campaign included senior executive creative director Charlie Miesmer, creative director and art director Steve Rutter, and creative director and copywriter Susan Credle.

Matt Hauser and Steve DePaulo, both Big Foote composers and sound designers, produced the track for “Red.” Director Andrew Gelman specified that he wanted a track that was “like a breakdance,” according to composer and owner Sherman Foote, but left room for interpretation. The company created eight pieces of music, ranging from funk to “hip-hop meets street beats,” but Gelman selected the one that sounded “robotic-processed,” as Hauser described it.

“We were trying to create surprise for the director and agency,” Foote said. “In order to do that, sometimes we had to work in a lot of different directions. This particular direction [that was selected] was probably the most ‘outside’ of all the directions we presented.”

Breaking next, in April, will be the 15-second spot for yellow M&M’s. Potter Jonathan Adler was the director and “inspiration for the graphics,” Foote said, and Will & Grace co-star Megan Mullally sings a lounge-style version of “Color My World.”

“Blue” will break in June and “Green,” directed by choreographer Mark Morris, will debut in July.

The “Color My World” campaign kicked off in late March, with a spot showing a river of multicolor M&M’s. Earlier, on New Year’s Eve, color disappeared from M&M’s wrappers and candies until this month, when color was reintroduced along with new packaging and a redesigned logo.