Red Gold Ads Focus on Climate

Climate turned out to be an important factor for consumers when selecting tomatoes, according to research done by Young & Laramore for Red Gold Tomatoes.

Enough people, especially the women targeted in Red Gold advertising, have apparently grown tomatoes and think they know a thing or two about what weather produces the best fruit. What results from such findings is a new campaign from the Indianapolis agency tagged, “Tomatoes from tomato country,” which airs in 17 markets in the 10 states where Red Gold is available, said Ann Beriault, a vice president and account supervisor at Y&L.

A TV spot suggests hotter climates offer less than suitable circumstances for ideal tomatoes. When an animated ladybug lands on a tomato shown growing in harsh, dusty conditions, the insect is forced to do a little dance because it’s so hot. A voiceover, against a greener field dotted with impossibly red, unblemished tomatoes, says, “At Red Gold, we grow our tomatoes where the rain, sun and soil are just right.”

Radio spots get even more specific, suggesting tomatoes prefer 85-degrees to 95, and rain showers to irrigation. The $1-5 million campaign also includes newspaper inserts.