Red Ball Tiger Adds ‘Emotional Layer’ for Moores

Family relationships that tug at the heartstrings are the focus of new ads for Moores Clothing for Men, a Cana dian retailer.

A campaign breaking this week across Canada from Red Ball Tiger, San Francisco, is a slight departure from Moores’ previous work, which emphasized the quality of the clothes and the fact that they are made in Canada. Moores, a division of Fremont, Calif.-based The Men’s Wearhouse, spends roughly U.S.$10 million a year on advertising in Canada, according to sources.

A warm and fuzzy 30-second TV spot titled “Father and Son” shows a man and his young son in a kitchen. There is no dialogue, but a soothing voiceover explains that the man likes to spend money on nice suits even though he could get the same quality for less at Moores. If he spent less on clothing, the voice suggests, he would be able to save more for his son’s future.

“People are reassessing how they feel about their role in their families, so this is just a reflection of that,” agency managing director Bob Ravasio said. “We wanted to translate that and show how it ties in with the products.”

A second spot, titled “Generation Gap,” opens with a shot of an older man holding fine glassware and then shows a well-dressed younger man. The voiceover explains that the younger man is not inclined to spend as much on fine goods as his father—but that his friends think he does since he shops at Moores.

A third spot shows a man preparing for his wife’s 40th birthday party and surprising her by showing up in a new Moores suit.

The tagline remains: “Well made. Well priced. Well dressed.”

Moores started airing TV ads two years ago. “These spots maintain the same tone and value message but add an emotional layer,” Ravasio said.

The client could not be reached for comment.

The spots were shot in late May in Vancouver. Agency co-founder and creative director Greg Wilson handled copywriting and directing. The campaign has no official end date and could continue for the next year.

Red Ball Tiger also works with The Men’s Wearhouse, KNG and Holy Names College.