Recycled Message

Mark Heckman of Heckman Design in Grand Rapids, Mich., says he has designed some 50 billboards that address various social and environmental issues.
His latest effort, to support recycling, is headlined, “Lost in Waste,” and features a computer with a can in its hand saying, “That does not compost.”
His reason for alluding to the “Lost in Space” television show of the 1960s? “Like the old television series, our future will be determined by the actions of our fellow ‘travelers’ on this planet,” Heckman wrote in a release. “We don’t need inept, stupid characters like Dr. Smith screwing things up for us.”
The billboard, when it went up in the Detroit area, was supported by a grant from the Wege Foundation of Grand Rapids, Mich., Heckman said. He said he finds the medium perfectly suited to the message. “It’s the easiest way to get people involved in the environment,” Heckman said of his outdoor efforts.
–Trevor Jensen