Recruitment Effort for Army Debuts via Disc

LOS ANGELES Disc Marketing said it has launched a test program for the U.S. Army using enhanced CDs as a lead generation tool for recruiting.

The CD is part of the “Army of One” campaign led by Leo Burnett in Chicago. This is Disc’s first project for the Army and the first time any division of the armed forces has used an enhanced CD, said Claudia Cahill, evp of business development for Disc in Pasadena, Calif.

The CD allows users to complete and e-mail a personal profile to the Army’s CyberRecruiting Station and engage in an online chat with a recruiter. It also includes descriptions of Army job categories, video from enlisted soldiers describing their experiences and responsibilities, and eight audio tracks from artists such as Cold, Saliva, Joe Budden and Pillar. Individuals can create their own music videos to accompany the tracks by selecting visuals associated with various Army groups, including Combat Operations, Intelligence and Engineering.

“The Army knows their target, and they knew how they needed to reach them—through music and entertainment,” said Disc CEO Tena Clark.

The CD has measuring and screening tools built in that will enable the Army to determine which leads are most likely to be converted into recruits, Cahill said. The Army will be able to measure the total number of disc users, the average time users spend in each section of the disc, and the number of profiles and information requests received. The U.S. Army Accessions Command in Fort Monroe, Va., oversees recruiting.

“Brand awareness is not an issue for them at all,” said Cahill. “What they have a problem with is qualifying leads.”

Approximately 15,500 discs will be distributed during the test phase, which runs through October. The CDs will be sent to qualified high school juniors and seniors in 35 metropolitan markets across the U.S. Following the test phase, the Army expects to distribute the discs on a wider scale in January 2004.

Spending for this effort could not be determined. The cost per disc is $2-3, said Cahill.