The Rebranding of Bronner

Kathy Biro Leads Effort to Seek Out ‘Wired Brands’
BOSTON–Bronner Slosberg Humphrey has chosen a new corporate name and philosophy, reflecting its desire to become a global player focused on technology and relationship marketing for major brands.
The name Bronnercom was selected to represent the overall 1,000-person organization because it suggests a dedication to both communications and interactive initiatives.
“This codifies what we’ve been doing for the past couple of years,” said Kathy Biro, who has been named vice chairman of Bronnercom. “Technology defines the way companies will do business into the next century,” so it makes sense to emphasize the agency’s expertise in those areas, she said.
Bronnercom will target “wired brands,” which use the Internet to deliver products and services and build awareness, Biro said. “These are the types of companies . . . that will take us into the future.”
One case in point is the agency’s newest client, Green Mountain Energy in Burlington, Vt., which provides environmentally sound power generation services to be marketed on the Internet. The company will use Bronnercom’s Strategic Interactive Group, which Biro co-founded, to develop new media campaigns.
SIG has also expanded its relationship with Bausch & Lomb, moving from strategic assignments to agency of record for interactive marketing, Biro said.
Two Bronnercom divisions have been renamed. Flagship direct marketing shop Bronner Slosberg Humphrey in Boston will be known as BSH. Sansome Group in San Francisco drops “Group” from its moniker.
Michael Bronner, who founded the organization 15 years ago, becomes Bronnercom chairman. David Kenny, who served as president and chief executive of Bronner Slosberg, will now hold those titles at Bronnercom. Bronnercom claims more than $1 billion in worldwide billings.