Reborn AT&T Prepares Push

DALLAS The telecommunica-
tions giant created by the merger of AT&T and SBC Communications began operating today with a new AT&T corporate logo that represents the first step in the most expensive brand-building campaign in either company’s history, the client said today.

Omnicom Group’s GSD&M in Austin, Texas, and Rodgers/Townsend of St. Louis will handle the ad work that breaks this month about the transition to the new brand. In January, both agencies will introduce new brand-image work.

New AT&T advertisements in the SBC operating regions will be co-branded with the new AT&T logos, the company said.

The brand transition will be supported by the largest multimedia marketing campaign in either company’s history, AT&T said. SBC spent $1.6 billion on advertising in 2004 and $590 million through June 2005, per TNS Media Intelligence. AT&T spent $300 million in 2004 and $20 million in the first six months of 2005.

SBC’s $1.6 billion acquisition of AT&T closed last Friday.

The new logo turns the previous AT&T globe into a three-dimensional visual that corporate image makers said is designed to represent the growing breadth and depth of services from an array of subsidiaries.

Lowercase type is now used for the “AT&T” characters because it projects a more welcoming and accessible image, the company said. The core of the new logo remains blue because both the SBC and AT&T brands are strongly associated with that color, AT&T said.

“Today’s shift to a new brand and a new look symbolizes the strategic transformation under way at the new AT&T,” said Edward E. Whitacre, chairman and CEO of AT&T. “The revitalized mark symbolizes these attributes—innovation, integrity, quality, reliability and unsurpassed customer care.”

Over several months, the new logo will appear on more than 50,000 company vehicles, more than 6,000 buildings, about 40,000 uniforms, more than 30 million monthly bills and other literature, the company said.

Whitacre was to unveil the logo at new AT&T headquarters in San Antonio as a similar event was held at the company’s headquarters in Bedminster, N.J.