Headshot of Adweek Staff

The loudest voice you may hear in a new PSA for the Special Olympics isn’t the crowd cheering. It’s a young girl.

The 60-second spot, the first TV work for the Washington-based client by PlowShare Group, broke nationally last week. It shows a girl with Down’s Syndrome—an actual swimmer in the games—speaking in her room.

“There’s this guy,” she says, as her words are intercut with shots of a swimming pool. “He’s always in my face. Shouting at me. I have to cover my ears. But I still hear him. Just pushes me.” Then you see the guy she’s talking about is her coach, cheering her on. “But I love him,” she adds. “He’s my coach.”

Then the spot shows an audience cheering as the girl, along with others, swims in a race and joyfully throws the coach in the pool. “Be a coach,” says a voiceover. “Be a fan. Be part of it. You’ll never be more inspired.”

The work uses the current tag: “Inspire greatness. Special Olympics.”

“I wanted to show [the games’ participants] as being more like us and having qualities that we all have,” said John La Rock, creative director at the Stamford, Conn.-based shop. “It’s about people volunteering … becoming a participant in some way.”