Cold Turkey proved to be a hot online property for The Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi.

The weeklong anti-smoking Webcast, which followed four Gen X tobacco users 24/7 as they tried to kick the habit while living in an apartment [Adweek, July 31], drew a record number of visits to the partnership’s site.

Conceived by Maris, West & Baker of Jackson, Miss., the venue ( registered nearly 4 million hits from July 31 to Aug. 6.

All four of the participants (one girl withdrew beforehand) stayed smoke-free throughout the week, thus splitting the $2,500 prize money four ways.

“They all left with no promises, but hopes of remaining tobacco-free,” said MW&B’s Liz Mavar. “We’re going to have a follow-up episode Sept. 8 at the site, to see where they are now, whether they’re using tobacco and how the project affected them.”

Radio ads promoting the reunion will begin the week before the Webcast airs, Mavar said.