Reality Check

Richard Hatch got his own radio show and wrote a book (and got locked up a few times). Colleen Haskell went to Hollywood. Blake Mycoskie wants to … hawk a shopping-cart calculator that’s also an advertising vehicle?

Mycoskie’s dreams may not be much bigger than his cowboy hat. But the Texas native and competitor (with his sister, Paige) on CBS’ The Amazing Race 2 plans to use his fleeting reality-TV stardom to jump-start Mycoskie Media—the Nashville, Tenn., company he runs that holds the patent on a peculiar but (we’re told) quite useful in-store calculator/advertising device.

“People on these shows have their six or eight weeks of celebrity,” Mycoskie told Shop talk last week over a game of darts. “Most of them use it to get ahead. I just want to boost my business.”

Mycoskie has made some contacts at CBS for future media projects. But he has no plans to follow in Haskell’s footsteps by appearing in the next Rob Schneider movie. “I’d be no good at memorizing lines,” he says.

He wouldn’t say how he and Paige fared in the race, which is in its third week on CBS. Obviously, the longer they last, the better. But they have to get moving. As of last week, they were in dead last.