Real People

Bunim/Murray Productions, which creates and produces the “fly-on-the-wall” series The Real World and Road Rules for MTV, plans to apply its cinema veritƒ casting philosophy to advertising.
The Van Nuys, Calif., producer of TV programs which depict the uncensored lives of people in their 20s has formed Real Casting, which, among other things, will cast TV commercials and print ads.
Bunim/Murray will search major cities throughout the country to find the right faces to appear in ads, said Leola Westbrook, the company’s casting director. But the actors they pick won’t be the typical, 20-something Real World types–they will be selected to fit the product.
“Consumers want to see people in ads who look like themselves,” Westbrook said.
Real Casting’s commercial talent searches also won’t be as grueling as the casting sessions for its TV series, Westbrook added.
–Angela Dawson