Real character

Freedman, Gibson & White introduces “Trudie,” a boisterous character who invades consumers’ homes to show them how to save money, in its latest campaign for Bigg’s stores.

A 30-second TV spot breaks today in Cincinnati, where Bigg’s, a Supervalu-owned chain that offers a variety of groceries, clothing and other items, is based.

The Cincinnati agency employs Trudie to drive home the retailer’s low- price message, said Tim Gibson, FGW’s creative director. The work continues the tagline, “True minimum price.”

Past work has concentrated on comparison pricing with shots of people shopping at Bigg’s competitors.

The new spot shows a mother coming down to breakfast and seeing her son eating a bowl of cereal. Trudie is in the kitchen, rifling through the cupboards. When asked who the woman is, the boy responds, “It’s terminal pricer, mom. You got reamed on this cereal.”

Trudie corrects the child and introduces herself as “Trudie, true minimum pricer.”