ready for his closeup?

Can Bill Hillsman give Warren Beatty the same help he gave Jesse Ventura? The Minneapolis political advertising guru who helped put Ventura in the Minnesota governor’s mansion has been talking with Beatty about the movie star’s potential presidential run.
Beatty has been dropping hints about running as an old-fashioned, blue-collar liberal. His op-ed piece in The New York Times identified campaign finance reform as his primary concern.
Hillsman said he recently met with Beatty for dinner and a viewing of North Woods’ reel. He says the actor (whose most recent movie role was as an off-the-rails senator in Bulworth) is “three quarters of the way down the road” to announcing a run.
And if Beatty becomes a candidate, Hillsman says he expects to be at his side.
“There are a lot of parallels between Bulworth and Jesse’s election,” he says.
“The movie was about a senator who told the truth about what’s going on, which is what Jesse did.” –Aaron Baa