reading into it

Pay attention! That’s what the hapless characters in the Art Directors Club Awards call for entries aren’t doing, because they’re too involved reading the ADC annual.

Bozell in New York recently created five different executions for the poster-size call for entries, shot by freelance photographer Megan Maloy. In one, a mother reads the annual while her children get ready to microwave their pet pooch.

The work differs sharply from last year’s call for entries, a photo of a scrunched-up face and the tag, “Imagine the world without art direction.” That work was done by Pentagram, New York.

“Our target market is the creative community. … We’re dealing with the most cynical bunch of people in the world,” said Bozell New York executive creative director Tony Granger, explaining this year’s concept. “How do you break through to them? With tongue firmly in cheek.”

Some executions may prove to be controversial—one features a man who has just gotten off the toilet and whose pants are still down. That one was distributed in the U.S.—but two others will only be sent to creatives in other countries. One of these shows a woman who doesn’t realize she has given birth because she is engrossed in the annual.

The due date for entries is Jan. 11.