Reading the Green

Agencies are always looking for ways to heighten the creative environment of their offices.
Generally that means exposing a few wood beams or a brick wall–an effort that might make copywriters and art directors feel like they’re working on true art in a Parisian garret, rather than on a soap ad in a corporate high-rise.
FCB Worldwide in Chicago isn’t the first agency to see golf as a path toward creativity. But it may be the first to install a three-hole miniature golf green. (DDB in Chicago bored holes into the floor of its new space a few years back, but had only one hole per “green.”)
The green went in on the 19th floor reception area of FCB’s Erie St. headquarters, and was heralded with a week-long “Raise the par” competition–a play on the agency’s motto, “Raise the bar.”
–Trevor Jensen