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Crude, Rude and Socially Acceptable?
By Tony Case
Basic cable networks are showing more R-rated fare than ever. Surprisingly, few advertisers are balking.

Upfront Opens With a Bang
40% of broadcast networks’ business moves in flurry of deal-making

The Marketplace
Cable Fights for Its Fair Share
MTV study: broadcast shortchanges advertisers

TV Programming
NBC Dreams of Extra Revenue
May charge for use of vintage ads in new series

Network TV
Family Fund Triples Output
Shows on WB, ABC and NBC get seal of approval

Market Indicators

National TV: HOT
In what is quickly turning into a sellers’ market, a consensus of buyers and network execs say the prime-time upfront should top $7.6 billion, up 11 percent from last year.

Net Cable: Quiet
Cable was on hold last week as agencies frenetically negotiated broadcast deals. Nets’ upfront dollar volume is expected to grow, with CPMs ranging from low-single-digit declines to low-single increases.

Spot TV: Tight
Automotive, retail and political dollars are tightening demand in many markets. Overall spending is pacing 2-4 percent ahead of last year as stations try to ratchet up rates.

Radio: Steady
Demand for radio is heating up, with June and July pacing 12-15 percent ahead of last year in markets including Houston and Dallas. Auto remains strong.

Magazines: Busy
Some titles report business for third and fourth quarters not seen since the dot-com boom. A rebound in the second half of the year is becoming more likely.