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He Keeps It Running
By Mark Fitzgerald
Orage Quarles III of Raleigh, N.C.’s News & Observer maintained editorial quality and grew circulation while cutting costs during a difficult year

Brand Wars to Fuel Upfront
Market-share battles may yield slight uptick in broadcast TV spending

Reader’s Digest: Reiman Reason
Ryder vows results will improve with new assets

Caution Over Consolidation
Senators sound alarms on Comcast/AT&T union

Cable TV
Turner Nets to Spend $1B in ’03
TBS will heavy up on acquisitions, originals

Market Indicators

National TV: Steady
With second-quarter sold close to capacity, third-quarter scatter is starting to heat up, especially with summer spenders such as autos, movies and soft drinks.

Net Cable: Warm
Driven by demo-specific categories such as beverages and movies, niche nets are selling out in the second quarter and starting to move serious business in the third. CPMs are pacing flat to just over upfront.

Spot TV: Driving
Political, telecom, healthcare and auto categories continue to drive the marketplace, while retail remains spotty. Major markets in the northeast are pacing up at low single digits.

Radio: Tight
May inventory across most major markets is tight due to increasing demand from tune-in spots and spending from auto, telecom and retail categories. Buyers starting to place ad campaigns further out from air dates.

Magazines: Building
The automotive category is still buoyant, supporting what has proved to be a strong second quarter. And with 65 new models out this year, auto tightens up the third quarter across most title genres.