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Agency of the Year

Veryfine’s Verdict
Taps Modernista! for Fruit20
The Boston agency enters the beverage category and adds another potential creative showcase with the $6-10 million Veryfine account. The juice maker is looking for a print-based campaign to generate buzz for its Fruit20 flavored waters.

Drive Time
Harry Gold and Ty Velde are making inroads with Over-drive Interactive, the latest in a series of regional startups.
The firm offers a mix of online and traditional marketing services that focus on e-mail as the preferred direct marketing vehicle.

Party Line
Mullen, stuck in a rut for much of 2001, begins the new year with a pair of account wins. The Interpublic Group shop adds about $12 million in Nextel Communications work in its North Carolina office, while the Massachusetts headquarters picks up eyeglass maker FosterGrant.

CGN Marketing & Creative Services unveils its first major campaign for the Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism since the terrorist attacks, which caused a dramatic drop in tourism revenue. The spots target potential visitors in New York and New England.

New Brew
Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos has scored project work from Anheuser-Busch, and has produced a spot for the brewer that is under consideration for the Super Bowl.

It’s a Super Bowl debut for H&R Block as well as its agency, Campbell Mithun. For a darkly humorous twist on the client’s current campaign, CM turned to fellow Minnesotans Joel and Ethan Coen. Aaron Baar reports. Barbara Lippert endorses the coolest candidate among Levi’s three Bowl contenders up for vote on the Web.