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Agency of the Year

Found Money
Gov’t. Seeks Shop to Tout New Currency
In 2003, the Treasury Department will issue money designed to be more difficult to counterfeit. To get the word out, the government agency, along with the Secret Service and the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, is looking for a shop to create a global awareness campaign.

Freedom Fighters
The Ad Council has formulated a strategy for its patriotic campaign: inspire Americans to savor their freedoms. And task force leader Phil Dusenberry has selected 10 top creative executives to develop that strategy into a PSA campaign.

Household Name
To avoid any potential conflicts with other clients, Reckitt Benckiser’s Elio Leoni-Sceti wants an assurance of exclusivity from networks pitching its $300 million global account. The household-products marketer decides this week who will contend for the business.

Beer Brawl
Having fired Lowe, Heineken is expected to be reunited with Lee Garfinkel at D’Arcy, sources said, and Lowe account handler Michael Silver will likely follow. But noncompete clauses in the executives’ contracts could become a thorny issue.

On The Offensive
What to do when business slumps? Advertise, of course. The industry is taking its own advice, turning to TV for the first time to preach the value of advertising to corporate decision makers.

It’s a Super Bowl debut for H&R Block as well as its agency, Campbell Mithun. And for a darkly humorous twist on the client’s current campaign, CM turned to fellow Minnesotans Joel and Ethan Coen. Aaron Baar reports. Barbara Lippert endorses the coolest candidate among Levi’s three Bowl contenders up for vote on the Web.