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Outlook 2002
With marketers eyeing a recovery, signs point to modest growth and new products to tempt wary consumers. What to expect in cars, beverages, entertainment, restaurants, food, retail, sporting goods, telecom and travel.


It’s A Vision Thing
CIBA Vision, a unit of Novartis, will give its colored contact lenses a $20-25M makeover and reposition them as a fashion accessory.

Body Blow
Pfizer’s Adams unit pulls the plug on Body Smarts, its mineral-fortified candy line, after a $70M push failed to convince consumers that good-for-you sweets taste good.

Making Waves
Snapple this spring rolls a water entry with new flavors and will boost the caffeine level in its energy drink to better compete against category champ Red Bull.

French jeanmaker Marith + Francios Girbaud is planning first TV spot for
the U.S. market in a bid to style itself
as “a big brand.”

-Hershey revs $28M for FastBreak with ties to Nascar rookie Kevin Harvick.
-Citing a growing subscriber base, Sprint airs its first TV for DSL service.
-Canadian Mist splashes new campaign playing up the beauty of the Great White North and the tag, “Taste Canada’s best.”
-Ford Motor expands presence at Clear Channel’s Monster Jam truck series.
-USOC `s top marketer Matt Mannelly makes surprise exit just weeks before Winter Games.