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What a Wants
By Becky Ebenkamp
They spend $150 billion annually on everything from snacks to credit cards.
Ten things you need to know to reach Generation Y.


Coming Full Circle
Daimler-Chrysler’s brand management overhaul is aimed at bringing focus
to product development, design and pricing for Jeep, Dodge and Chrysler.

Chips ‘n Dips
A new sponsorship between Frito-Lay and Six Flags will splash the snack
maker’s top brands on theme park rides, TV screens and, of course, concession stands.

Over Ice, On The Links
Jack Daniel’s Original Hard Cola says ‘Come as you are’ in a $40M campaign that tilts away from rivals’ ultra-hip bar calls, while Mount Gay rum swings for golf fans.

‘Not Our Brethren’ Anymore
Angered by a new display policy
from Philip Morris, 100 operators of tobacco-only stores in the Southeast are threatening to raise the price of Marlboro cigarettes.

-Dora the Explorer and Blue’s Clues toys find two-pronged ad push by Fisher-Price.
-Tony’s Pizza gets cheesy with instant-win sweeps for Miramax’s Spy Kids II.
-Levi’s to stress ‘authenticity’ as it reconnects with youth.
-Saturn joins Goo Goo Dolls summer music tour for Ion sedan launch.
-Can Herb Scannell draw new fans and turn TNN into a national obsession?