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The Curious Case of Pooh
By David Finnigan
Pooh, Christopher Robin & Co. head to a Los Angeles courtroom as a family-owned licensing business takes on Disney over hundreds of millions in royalty fees. Hanging in the balance: What’s the true value of an entertainment property?


Leased Likely to succeed
Toyota, Lincoln, General Motors and Chrysler gas up their Certified Used Vehicle efforts as a way to resell customers on cars coming off lease.

Sweet Dreams
Pfizer earmarks $25M for a non-mentholated Halls cough drop line, while candymakers Frankford Candy & Chocolate and Perfetti Van Melle find licensing can sweeten profits.

Thorn Birds
KFC signs on as partner for a $20-25M push behind Nickelodeon’s The Wild Thornberrys movie, along with Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, General Mills,
Coinstar, RadioShack and Chevrolet.

Marketing in small town x
Cellular One uses an authenticity pitch aimed at its rural customers after the group loses much of its coverage area to Cingular.

-J.P. Morgan Chase draws on pickles and kisses in new effort for its retail banking unit.
-Rockport laces up for its Men in Black 2 tie-in.
-Discover, MasterCard, Visa encourage consumers to charge ahead.
-Pillsbury scares up a deal with Casper the Friendly Ghost.
-Adidas is back with CD from one of its biggest boosters, rappers Run-DMC.