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Spread ’em
By Sonia Reyes
Shaking up two sleepy grocery stalwarts: Unilever’s Bestfoods will introduce Skippy peanut butter in a tube, backed by TV and print and a new brand icon, ‘Skip,’plus a trio of herbed flavors for its Hellmann’s mayonnaise line.


SAB Story
Miller Brewing distributors are optimistic-for the first time in a while-about increased support for the No. 2 beer brand after parent Philip Morris sold a controlling stake to South African Breweries.

Ears Wide Open
Tom Cruise, known for his reluctance to do marketing tie-ins, will allow his likeness to be used in a Nokia campaign behind Minority Report.

A Sucker is Reborn
Spanish lollipop maker Chupa Chups will go back to its salacious roots after dissolving a short-lived marketing venture with M&M/Mars.

Wrestling With Change
Julie Hoffman, the CMO at World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, talks about ‘Getting the ‘F’ out’ ads and improving relations with the World Wildlife Fund, which prompted its name change.

-Vaseline Intensive Care gets $8-9M worth of TLC from parent Unilever amid
slipping sales.
-Lacoste tries to take its Crocodile upstream.
-Continental Airlines and eBay join forces in a promo offering unique real-life experiences.
-The Pro Bowlers Association strikes a promo deal with ConAgra’s Banquet Foods. -McD’s Tom Ryan loads up on $1 deals.