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Mid-Year Gut Check
Marketers from a cross-section of industries-autos, packaged goods, entertainment, electronics, finance, travel, fashion and retail-offer their views on business prospects and their profession as recovery takes hold.


Oops! She’s doing it again?
Pepsi-Cola is in talks with spokesbabe Britney Spears for another two-year deal and signs hip-hopper Ludacris to shore up the brand’s stable of music acts.

Just Dough it
General Mills leverages the Pillsbury Doughboy, Betty Crocker and Cheerios in licensing deals for everything from tablecloths to cookie jars to sleepwear.

Pilot Program
Honda launches its Pilot truck-based SUV with an Hispanic campaign aimed at daydreaming, Spanish-speaking soccer dads.

Color Commentary
Wacky, unnatural colors for food catches the fancy of McDonald’s, as restaurateurs look for new ideas at the National Restaurant Association show.

Compaq vet Gary Elliott surfaces in a top slot at the new Hewlett-Packard.
-Breck gets set for a $7-10M restyling and its first TV ads since the late ’70s. -U.S. Youth Soccer launches a 3M circulation magazine with ads from Snickers and Adidas.
-Coke, Wal-Mart expand ALMA support.