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See You in Court!
Under pressure to draw new customers, more marketers are stepping over the line with wild advertising claims. And rivals aren’t letting them get away with it.

Gold Members Only
Pepsi-Cola, Taco Bell, Motorola and Frito-Lay sign up for placement and promotions behind Goldmember, the third installment of New Line’s feisty Austin Powers franchise.

Civic Participation
Honda hitches with MTV for on-air and Web promotions behind the Civic Tour summer concert series, including a ride with rock band Incubus on the Inc-U-Bus.

AntiViral Marketing
Antivirus software import Trend Micro will spend $20M to boot up its first branding campaign, using the game Go as its central theme.

Ban, the roll-on antiperspirant brand, looks to expand by targeting women in a $10M campaign for its sting-free Ban Beautifully Smooth. Meanwhile, Lava soap returns to TV after a long Hiatus.

-Four Seasons books pitch for its timeshare offerings.
-VW goes upscale with TV and print for its W8 Passat.
-BMW thinks big in a guerrilla effort for its Mini.
-The WNBA preps “Summer Love” promotion with assists from Anheuser-Busch, AmEx and Sears.
-Nokia, AmEx and Reebok report for Fox/DreamWorks’ futuristic fable, Minority Report.