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Pour It On
By Kenneth Hein
Forget the cola wars. This summer’s most hotly contested battle will be in the $6 billion bottled water segment as cagey category veterans Perrier Group of America and Group Danone fight to fend off PepsiCo’s Aquafina and Coca-Cola’s Dasani.


Scents and Sensibility
Ralph Lauren will spruce up its cologne lines with a $25M spend and plans that include racier exposure for Romance, a relaunch of Glamorous with Penelope Cruz and new products for its youth brand, Ralph.

Carrot Top Shifts Shticks
AT&T’s 1-800 CALL ATT ties in with Nascar for a spring promotion and calls on spokesman Carrot Top to steer its TV drive.

On The Lighter Side
Zippo expands its strategy of targeting non-smoking consumers with its first multi-purpose lighter.

Auto Biography
Youth and SUVs rule the day at the New York International Auto Show, while Ford decides not to pursue a Hollywood-based marketing effort.

-Congress considers limiting DTC ads for pharmaceuticals.
-ExxonMobil gasses up SuperSyn with $10M campaign.
-Harrah’s, Hasbro get on board for a Life giveaway.
-Maxell tapes $6M onto a corporate branding push.
-Wal-Mart, Keepsake walk down the aisle.
-Who came out ahead in Coors-NFL deal?
-Novell’s new CMO thinks edgier, mulls review.