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Now What?
By Alicia Mundy and Jeremy Murphy
The federal appeals court attacked the media ownership caps. It’s up to FCC chairman Michael Powell to decide whether to save or kill the agency’s regs

Kids TV
CBS Will Play To Older Kids
Sat. block from Nick to slate shows for viewers 6-11 in bid for ad dollars

Network TV
Buyers Eye NBC’s Today
Show’s post-Olympics ratings, pricing are on pre-upfront radar

Sporting News’ Revised Roster
CEO Nuckols shuffles sales lineup after long-time publisher exits

Market Indicators

National TV: Steady
Scatter spots continue to flow in at above-upfront prices across all dayparts. April and May are shaping up as tight months so far. Pharmaceuticals and movies are among the big scatter spenders.

Net Cable: Building
Following the lead of their broadcast peers, cable sales execs are starting to mull upfront pricing positions. Scatter spending volume continues to hold, thanks to auto dollars.

Spot TV: Flat
Domestic and foreign automotive spending is holding up in many markets. But other major categories are flat to slightly down. Most NBC outlets’ post-Olympics inventory is open and negotiable.

Radio: Open
Automotive and telecom categories are showing strong spending well into March, but retail remains spotty. Plenty of ad inventory is available and negotiable.

Magazines: Slow
Public-policy magazines are suffering from a slowdown in advocacy advertising, as many groups continue to sit on the fence, grappling with the proper tone and content of post-Sept. 11 messages.