RDW Launches Push for Fallon Health Plan

BOSTOn—RDW Group focuses on member communities, not individuals, in its second campaign for Fallon Community Health Plan.

A trio of 30-second monochrome spots shows people in communal groups and introduces a new tagline, “Where you belong.” The effort positions Fallon as a provider in tune with the needs of its increasingly diverse membership, said RDW creative director Jeff Patch.

Providence, R.I.-based RDW picked up the client last summer, crafting a campaign carrying the tag, “Be healthy. Be strong. Be well.” Spending for the Worcester, Mass., client is estimated at $2-3 million.

One spot opens with an X-ray image of a pair of hands that quickly morphs into fleshed-out hands playing a piano. “The works of Bach cannot be heard from this image. Nor can any of Mozart’s concertos,” a voiceover says as the camera reveals a woman seated at the piano with a little boy during a recital. “That’s because you’re more than the results of an image,” the voice continues. “You’re a person. One with a voice that should be heard.”

Other executions show Fallon members relaxing in a public park and at home taking care of family members. “They’re still portraits of individuals, but we’ve placed them in the community this time,” said Patch, who guided the effort with art director Jeff Dahlberg and copywriter Wendy Boffi.

The spots will run on TV stations in the greater Boston area.

Similarly themed print ads ad dress specific programs and services offered by Fallon. One shows a close-up of a girl playing with her father; elements of actual X-rays and data relating to patients are also shown. “Some see an X-ray,” copy reads. “We see a little girl with endless curiosity.”

The ads are running in The Boston Globe, Boston Herald and community newspapers.