RDW Group continues to evolve its “Your plan for life” campaign for Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Rhode Island with new TV spots that began airing last week.

The commercials tout the insurer’s Blue Chip HMO plan and its dental plan.

Visual “timelines,” introduced in last year’s campaign, are again employed, allowing viewers to follow events in the subjects’ lives. But the campaign promotes specific services.

“We’re focusing on product advertising, as opposed to last year’s overall branding campaign,” said Jeff Patch, ecd at the Providence, R.I., shop.

The Blue Chip spot shows a woman diving into a lake; a timeline along the side of the screen takes viewers through her life from age 43 to 45. Phrases such as “Early detection” and “Successful treatment” appear alongside the timeline.

“Susan Freeborn knows morning is her best time,” a voiceover says. “She knows of two more gray hairs than she had yesterday. What Susan doesn’t know is that she has breast cancer. But thanks to the preventative care of Blue Chip, her silent invader will be discovered and defeated, giving Susan what matters most: life.”

An ad for the den tal plan shows a woman waiting for a blind date. The timeline marks the days of the week, while phrases such as “Meet dream guy on the Internet” and “Suspect he’s too perfect” appear onscreen. At the same time, a handsome man walks toward the table. When he smiles to reveal a set of crooked teeth, the words “Discover flaw” appear next to Friday’s point on the timeline.

Both spots close with the “Your plan for life” tagline. Outdoor executions are also in the mix.