RD/Fox Wins Titanium Sports On Strength Of Adams Golf Work

RD/Fox here has been awarded the estimated $3-5 million creative and media account of Titanium Sports Technologies, a leading manufacturer of titanium shafts for golf clubs and frames for bicycles and wheelchairs.
TST selected the agency without a review after seeing its work for Dallas-based Adams Golf, featuring the tagline “Don’t bet on anything else.” The shop recently won Adams’ $12 million account and created ads supporting its Tight Lies Fairway Woods brand of golf clubs.
“Having an agency that can deliver a technical story with unpredictable creative in an extremely competitive market is critical to us,” said Greg Hoffman, president and chief executive of Kennewick, Wash.-based TST.
TST recently parted ways with Detroit agency The Golf Team.
RD/Fox has already created a print campaign for TST’s golf-related products, using the tagline “Playstrong.” The work, which will appear in June issues of several golf magazines, features TST’s logo, contact information and Web site address.
“TST doesn’t want to be just a production plant,” said Bob deStefano, president of RD/Fox. “They want consumers to ask for their brand by name.”
Advertising for TST’s titanium bike frames is being developed, deStefano said. –Jane Irene Kelly