Razzing The ‘ROADSHOW’

The challenge for Nail’s creative staff on the new TV campaign for Alperts Furniture was twofold: The set had to be cheesy and the lighting and camera work just bad enough to capture the flavor of the Antiques Roadshow.
The Providence, R.I., shop decided to parody the popular yet low-budget PBS program by featuring appraisals that never would have made it on the air.
Nail chief creative officer Brian Gross is betting that the new ads for the Seekonk, Mass.-based client will stand out because they don’t look commercial.
In one spot, a man proudly displays a family heirloom–a horrible-looking chair made of huge animal horns. The appraiser crushes his hopes by valuing it at a mere $3.
In another spot, it’s the furniture that gets crushed when an enthusiastic appraiser accidentally tips over and destroys a rare armoire while attempting to show the back of the piece to the TV audience.
The ads retain the tagline, “Time for new furniture?”
–Lauren Wiley