Raves for Cleese, Titleist

NEW YORK Even a non-golf enthusiast will get a kick out of John Cleese as the distressed Luddite links architect Ian MacCallister in a new Titleist campaign from Arnold, Boston. In this spot, introducing his “Enough is enough!” blog NXTube.com, the quintessential anti-spokesman wearing purple plaid rants and raves over the technological advancements he claims are ruining the game. His subject of attack: the new NXT Extreme golf balls, that even have a “cheater line to help you putt!” His hair is all tousled, and he’s nearly unhinged. “Say no! Golf is supposed to be difficult,” he shouts into the camera. “It’s a Scottish game for goodness sake! It was never intended to be fun!” It’s another impressive comedic performance from the English comedy vet, and with the power of the Web now behind him, there’s no telling what he’ll do in his fevered quest to save the game.