Rave Reviews

When Seth Epstein decided on the setting for the Skechers TV spot he was directing, he thought his idea was pretty far out. Unfortunately, it was a little too far out.
“I wanted to shoot a rave, and I wondered, ‘Where could you hold the most radical rave?'” said Epstein, a director for Tonga, the spinoff production company of creative boutique Fuel in Santa Monica, Calif. “And I thought, ‘At one of those airplane graveyards out in the Mojave desert.'”
But those sites, with their stunning clusters of mothballed B52s and other vintage aircraft, were a little far from Los Angeles to be practical.
So instead, Epstein brought the scene to L.A. He located a vintage plane (a C-123 Air Transport) and shot overnight at Chino Airport in San Bernardino County. With help from a frenzied gaggle of partiers, including his assistant–“a total ravehead”–Epstein delivered the kind of high-energy spot (shown here) the client wanted.
“We’ve had a fantastic response,” said Skechers vice president Jeff Greenberg. “At a time when the shoe industry is sort of beaten down, Skechers is on fire.”
The spot broke nationally in November and will air until the spring. –Tim Nudd