Rathje Dives Into Torani Syrups

Consumer Ad Maintains Creative Tradition
LOS ANGELES – Rathje Chadwick & Co. is set to break its first consumer ad for Torani Italian syrups.
The print ad urges readers to “stir things up” with a classic Torani Italian soda. The illustration shows a mirthful character diving into a sparkling glass of Torani-flavored soda as if going for a splash in a pool. The colors and style are reminiscent of European poster art.
“We wanted to leverage what people already like about the brand, but bring flavor back to the forefront,” said George Chadwick, the San Francisco agency’s partner and creative director. “At the same time, we needed an idea with enough depth to work across all points of contact.”
The ad, targeted to women, will appear through the summer in Sunset magazine. Additional ads will break this fall. A trade version is running in speciality beverage, retail and foodservice publications, including Coffee & Cuisine, Fancy Food and Restaurant Business.
“We have a reputation for creativity that we felt was vital to maintain,” said Cindy Bosnian-Eckart, marketing director of the South San Francisco-based company.