Rapp Returns to Agency Fold With Engauge

CHICAGO Direct marketer Stan Rapp has returned to the agency business as chairman of a consortium called Engauge, which is intended to combine traditional marketing with consumer engagement measurement.

“With the old order crumbling, the time is right for an innovative marketing solutions model that’s focused on new thinking and talents that drive success in an interconnected world,” Rapp said in a statement. “The answer marketers seek is not about choosing between traditional and digital media or creating a so-called level playing field. It has always been and remains about how to engage consumers and business customers in the most cost-effective manner.”

Rapp, who founded Omnicom Group’s direct marketing shop Rapp Collins, has partnered with Halyard Capital to finance the Engauge network. The initial setup includes two acquired agencies: Direct Impact in Austin, Texas, and TenUnited, with offices in Pittsburgh and Columbus, Ohio. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Rapp serves as chairman of Engauge, while TenUnited CEO Rick Milenthal becomes CEO of the network. The agencies’ other managers remain in their current positions.

Engauge’s client list includes Airborne, Best Buy, International Delight, Land O’Lakes, Masterfoods, Perkins Restaurants and Sears Optical.