Raja Rajamannar on the CMO Crisis and What Brands Need to Do About It

Focusing solely on performance is not enough, as defining ''purpose' matters more than ever

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Does “brand purpose”—the notion of marketers expressing clear support for values like diversity, equity and inclusion as a way of demonstrating what a marketer stands for—still hold sway over consumers? In this moment of economic anxiety, aren’t price and performance the only things a brand needs to nail down?

It might come as a surprise that the brand with the tagline “priceless” is still looking at connecting with consumers around nebulous notions of empathy and experience.

Still, performance and branding are not either/or goals, says Raja Rajamannar, the chief marketing and communications officer and president, healthcare business at Mastercard.

In this CMO Moves episode, Rajamannar explains why Mastercard’s multi-sensory marketing programs satisfy the continuing consumer expectations for inclusion while proving valuable to its retail partners. Lastly, Rajamannar discusses how marketers can attract and retain top talent.

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