Raisin Branding

With the raisin industry facing problems such as oversupply and foreign competition, The California Raisin Marketing Board in Fresno, Calif., wants to make sure food manufacturers and bulk-food purchasers specify California raisins when they order the dried fruits.

To spread the word, the CRMB enlisted the help of Evans, Hardy + Young, in Santa Barbara, Calif., which handles media buying and public relations for the board.

“We need to let [purchasers] know that not all raisins are from California,” said Judy Hiri goyen, vp of marketing for the board. “We need to ask them the question, ‘Will you support American agriculture and specify California raisins when ordering?’ “

Hirigoyen and EH+Y came up with one print ad that parodies the “ID” signs in most convenience stores. The ad shows a picture of a driver license of one “Cal Raisin” (ht: 1/2 inch; sex: grape), while copy in bold block letters states: “Insist on proper identification.”

The ad broke this month and is running in food trade magazines such as Food Arts and Restaurant Hospitality.