Rain Makers

In search of new advertising ideas for Isotoner’s umbrella line, Sive/Young & Rubicam moved indoors.
In “Flambƒ,” the Cincinnati agency’s latest 30-second spot, the compact umbrella serves a unique purpose, saving a couple from a restaurant’s sprinkler system.
“We wanted to highlight that this compact umbrella is something you can carry anytime, anywhere,” said creative director John Nagy.
The spot shows a chef preparing a flambƒ at the couple’s table. The woman catches the chef’s eye. Distracted, he pours too much alcohol into the dish. The flambƒ bursts into a raging
inferno, setting off the sprinkler system. The diners pull out their umbrellas and stay dry while the other customers flee.
While some may suggest the flirting woman is to blame and should have been the one to get wet, Nagy offered another interpretation.
“This guy’s a professional. He shouldn’t have been distracted.” –Jenn Godd