Have you ever noticed how everyone rushes to the bathroom when the radio section comes up at advertising awards shows?
It isn’t that good radio isn’t done; it’s just that copywriters don’t know how to write good radio copy as a rule.
Radioland in Portland, Ore., one of the more sought-after radio specialists on the West Coast, wants to make the world safe for audio. It’s sponsoring a workshop-cum-retreat on
September 21 and 22 at the tony Argyle Hotel in Hollywood, Calif.
But how will Radioland lure TVcentric creatives?
Radioland turned to its good buddy John Stein, executive CD at Dailey & Associates, and he turned to agency copywriter Jon King and art director Cassandre Knipper-Skeoch. The result is an edgy workshop poster sent to agencies around the country–and many have promised to attend.
The poster features a dead guy in the bath, done in by the radio thrown into the tub.
The headline reads: “According to government statistics, radio is the 687th leading cause of death. (It’s third if you’re a copywriter.)