Qwest “Birthing Room”

Every era has its distinctive human types. Among those adorning ours is what we might call the Wi-Fi Parasite — the person who systematically sponges off the wireless Internet connections of others, whether neighbors or
institutions. A new Draftfcb spot for Qwest features a perfect specimen. You and I might not think of sitting in the midst of a birthing class as a way of getting in on the building’s Wi-Fi service, but it’s all in a day’s work
(or non-work) for the Wi-Fi Parasite. This guy’s insouciant request for a pillow, after he’s explained his presence to the puzzled birthing instructor, is an especially nice touch. Along with being funny, the vignette has the virtue of serving as a good setup for Qwest’s offer: connection to “the nation’s largest Wi-Fi hotspot network” as a free add-on for subscribers to the company’s high-speed Internet service. Another spot in the series shows a guy who has snuck into a biohazard lab to take advantage of its Wi-Fi service. That one is funny, too, but less so than the birthing-class version because it’s purely fanciful. The incident in the spot shown here seems almost plausible, and that’s part of its charm. –Mark Dolliver