Quotesmith Touts Its ™Cool Site›

CHICAGO„Quotesmith.com is playing off office dynamics in the Internet age in its first-ever TV campaign from BBDO.
In a 30-second spot that broke New Year›s Day, a cubicle denizen is surprised at the insurance price comparison service›s capabilities. Co-workers, hearing his ˜cool site” outburst, pop up from their cubicles to get the address and are impressed with what they find. One man declares, ˜I have the goosebumps.” The theme: ˜Have you ever said ™cool› to insurance?”
˜[It›s] a humorous spot that points out the key benefits of Quotesmith versus our competitors,” said Willard Hemsworth, client senior vice president of marketing.
The spot was set to air during the Tournament of Roses Parade and the Citrus, Rose, Fiesta and Orange Bowl telecasts. It will continue to run during National Football League wildcard games this weekend.
˜These kind of games will draw a little broader audience,” Hemsworth said. The target audience is predominantly computer-savvy males 35-54 with upper-level incomes and college educations.
˜Cool Site” is BBDO Chicago›s debut for Quotesmith.com, its first dot.com client. The agency won the Darien, Ill.-based company›s three-year, $100 million integrated marketing account in December.
Print and radio ads had been handled in-house. The remaining elements of BBDO›s campaign will appear during the first quarter.