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“I have faith in myself. I’d rather concentrate on creating something. I believe we can make a great place.”

—Lance Jensen on leaving Arnold Worldwide to co-found Modernista! with Gary Koepke.

“They’ll either have to scrape me off like a barnacle or piss me off, but I am going to work on the account as long as they need me.”

—John Verret, former vice chairman of Arnold, on returning to the agency to help run the troubled Boston-area McDonald’s co-op account. The business left Arnold shortly thereafter for Leo Burnett and Moroch & Associates.

“The future is interactive and integrated. We bet the company on it.”

—Kathy Biro early in the year on Digitas’ initial public offering. Last week, she stepped down as vice chair and president of the firm, which saw its stock tumble into the single-digits as the dot-com revolution slowed to a crawl.

“This is the part of the business that I hate. We had to let people go. It’s a sad thing.”

—Holland Mark Advertising president Chris Colbert, after laying off 15-20 staffers as the agency braced to part with TJX Cos.’ T.J. Maxx assignment.

“This is my attempt to make some people whole, or at least partly whole … If we filed for Chapter 11, there would be absolutely nothing left.”

—Joe Burnieika, chief executive of McKay Communications, on letters the defunct agency sent to its creditors, offering to pay back at least some of its $1.7 million debt.

“We’re uncomfortable with the process, and we’ve told Lycos not to consider us a

contender any longer.”

—Deutsch chief executive Donny Deutsch, who withdrew from the $25-million pitch after learning that Deutsch’s creative presentation had allegedly been handed to Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos, which was then given a

chance to “tweak” its own presentation.

“I am committed to all the companies on which I serve. Although my No. 1 commitment is to the company with my name on it.”

—Jack Connors, chief executive of Hill, Holliday, and a Lycos board member, responding to questions about his controversial role in the aforementioned review.

“I think I can do a better job than anyone else.”